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Project Management Services

Project Management Services

Project management is the construction market develops to a certain stage of the inevitable product, because as the social division of labor increasingly refined, increasing the degree of specialization, the construction market norms has also been greatly enhanced. From a technical management, economic management, contract management, organization and coordination and so on a number of operational functions, with the ability of owners of professional institutional capacities could not contrast, project management companies, for the owners to provide investors a way to solve these difficulties, and a quality supervision as the main function of the project management enterprises .

Amazon offers Property International Property project management including pre-communication with the owner to understand the needs of decoration and contract execution, interim site safety and health management, quality control, post-inspection service and warranty management.

Rental Service

Amazon offers fine international hotel property management services in Taiwan leasing services for investors, builders and owners to provide professional consultancy services and rental management services, property services, including construction planning early, mid-term progress of the project development and construction of complete Control Executive pay estate and property management, regardless of interior design, interior decoration, construction progress and quality control and investors and property owners were leasing and sales services.

Property investment and development feasibility assessment: such as land development, use patterns for the feasibility study, construction material reconstruction, rebuilding or renovation plans, investment analysis and otherwork-related projects, in order to provide the owners as a basis for investment decision-making.

Property agents use planning and execution: for the management of the project, provided the use of patterns has been set for the use of planning depth analysis and recommendations to assist owners hiring expert consultants to the project, and at the same time as the owner's representative to coordinate, supervise all programs to determine It can be completed on schedule in the budget, in order to achieve goals of the owners.

Lease management and sales agency: including offers for sale, rent and mortgage at the price of real estate appraisal, regional market analysis, consulting and other services related to the transaction program, led the owners to achieve the purpose of the acquisition or disposal was built.

(I) Building Management: Its purpose is the property of the physical facilities, for effective oversight function to maintain normal operation of the control, allowing users to have a high quality of the constructional environment, and for the owners to maintain and retain the highest value of the building, the main business include:

Security: If Disaster drills (disaster prevention, evacuation drills, disaster drills), security guard (guard sentry, patrol) and Public Affairs (access control, conveying instruments, public safety supervision and inspection) and the like.

Device Management: such as mechanical and electrical maintenance (electrical equipment, water supply equipment, fire fighting equipment, lifting equipment, monitoring equipment), air-conditioning maintenance (refrigeration host, cooling towers, sending exhaust fan, distribution piping) and was built in diagnostic (diagnostic equipment, repair schemes, Construction and Maintenance fortifications) and the like.

Administrative and financial management: such as staffing, accounting, administrative work, annual budget execution procedures.

Acting and living services: If paying utilities, community activities (community associations, recreational festivals), etc.

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