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Social Responsibility
ROYAL RANGERS SECURITY through social care plan, uphold integrity, love, caring, respect, service, positive thinking and attention of Natural Resources core values ​​and culture, continue to promote charitable work in various areas, so that each employee to participate actively in social services, cohesion let the power of social harmony and well-being.

ROYAL RANGERS SECURITYnear park through adoption, clean neighborhoods, and actively participate in community service activities, elderly people living alone to provide assistance payments, adopt practical actions stray cats, dogs and other animals, to contribute to the company location adjacent to the community, to serve the community and make a contribution. And to promote the "Volunteer Day" event, so that all employees join the company put into service, learning and identity Amazon International Property "Love and Care" (Love and Care) spirit of enterprise from the service. Colleagues ongoing service activities, but also show "taken from the community, giving back to society" spirit.

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