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Luxury hotel-style management-(60) The Sunpower Plaza Luxury hotel-style management-(60) The Sunpower Plaza Luxury hotel-style management-(58) Wenshin yín niàng Luxury hotel-style management-(57) Dexin A+7 Luxury hotel-style management-(56) NTU Longmen Luxury hotel-style management-(55) Qiān Yù Luxury hotel-style management-(55) Taipei Jingqi Luxury hotel-style management-(54) Bao lai garden Luxury hotel-style management-(53) Jingguan garden Luxury hotel-style management-(52) Mùlán jū C Luxury hotel-style management-(51) WAIFON Luxury hotel-style management-(50) Sìjì píng'ān Luxury hotel-style management-(49) THE GRAND TWINS Luxury hotel-style management-(48) Baojia Zhenfeng Luxury hotel-style management-(47) Fu Jiang Cui Luxury hotel-style management-(46) Cradle Land Luxury hotel-style management-(45) Risheng Happy Community A3 Luxury hotel-style management-(44) Dayong Muxia Luxury hotel-style management-(43) youth community Luxury hotel-style management-(42) Dahe Luxury hotel-style management-(41) Qian Jiangyue Luxury hotel-style management-(40) New Art Luxury hotel-style management-(39) Gu Huaqing Luxury hotel-style management-(38) Milan Luxury hotel-style management-(37) ASKEY Luxury hotel-style management-(36) Jazz community Staff education and training Luxury hotel-style management-(35) Oasis Park Education Training Center Luxury hotel-style management-(34) Lián Quán Luxury hotel-style management-(33) Chang-Qun Luxury hotel-style management-(32) Four Season Luxury hotel-style management-(31) Metro Twin Tower Luxury hotel-style management-(30) Dancing Crane Luxury hotel-style management-(29) Forever palace Luxury hotel-style management-(28) Xingfufa Manor Luxury hotel-style management-(27) Pu Shan Shui 2019 LITE-ON Technology Corporation Banquet Luxury hotel-style management-(26) Victor Ocean heart Community Residents' Meeting Luxury hotel-style management-(25) Art Deco One 2018 Honorary Century Hui - Moon Festival activity Luxury hotel-style management-(24) Da HE Yu Luxury hotel-style management-(22) Infinity A+ Luxury hotel-style management-(23) Zhongxiao Wuji 2018 Lite Technology tail teeth service sports competition Luxury hotel-style management-(21) Yuǎn xióng95 Luxury hotel-style management-(20) TaiBay Luxury hotel-style management-(19) Ocean heart 2017/12 TICC Music Action 2017 Moon Festival activity Luxury hotel-style management-(18) Honorary Century Hui Luxury hotel-style management(17) - Tianshu Luxury hotel-style management(16) - Huang Ding prosperity 2017Royal Beauty and beauty instrument Luxury hotel management (15) Original Shiya Court Luxury hotel management (14) Yihe state Luxury hotel management (13) The Oriental Diamond Luxury hotel management (12) Mingren Line Luxury hotel management (11) ART DECO IN TAIPEI Luxury hotel management (10) Thirty-three YE Luxury hotel management (9) Haihan 2017Royal Rangers Security Team Work January 11, 2017 Apple Daily reported on the Amazon International property 2017 Lite Technology tail teeth service 2017cqc melee combat self-defense seminar Huang Jun of the coach of the South Taiwan special forces Luxury hotel management (8) Qian Yue Luxury hotel management (7) - CKS Vuitton Luxury hotel management (6) - Round Hill, No.1 Luxury hotel management (5) - Riverside rocks Amazon International Property Group and the well-known cross-strait Chinese circle of unconscious communication expert Shen Tang CandyShen cooperation subconscious mind introducing courses to all employees and customers within the group 2016 Royal Rangers Security Team Work Royal Rangers Security stationed all Tamaitadaki Togakusariatama large Factory Royal Rangers Security Occupation 50 years of History Kunibo part housing WOLF yellow army of coaches to participate in CTI - Xiaoyan night HK CQC-WOLF TAIWAN- Kyusho Taiwan jointly managed and administered "2016 Taiwan 3-1CQC Seminar" "Wolf" the safety of international combat instructor Huang Jun central Taiwan branch of Interpol to visit the line to guide the Russian martial arts, captain special award of appreciation to thank my colleagues in yellow instructors to enhance combat skills 2016 City University of Hong Kong and the Chinese University of Science and Technology in Taiwan to observe teaching Luxury hotel management(4) Luxury hotel management(3) Luxury hotel management(2) Luxury hotel management 2016 "International Wolf Russian special military combat skills seminar" 2016 international anti-terrorism training
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