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ROYAL RANGER IOT may be ubiquitous terminal equipment (Devices) and facilities (Facilities), including with "internal security intelligence" of sensors, mobile terminals, building automation systems, home intelligent infrastructure, video surveillance systems, and "external security enable" (enabled), as in RFID various assets (assets), the portable radio terminals and personal vehicles etc. "intelligent objects or animals" or "smart dust" (Mote), by mode various wireless and / or wired long-distance and / or short-distance communications network, as well as cloud-based SaaS and other operations, including network (intranet), private networks (Extranet), and / or internet (internet) environment using appropriate information security mechanisms to provide safe and controlled and even personalized real-time online monitoring, positioning retroactive, alarm linkage, command and control, plan management, remote control, security, remote maintenance, online upgrades, property statistical reports, decision support, (showcasing the Cockpit Dashboard) management and service functions, to achieve "all things" (everyThing) of "high efficiency, energy saving, safety, environmental protection," the "tube, control, camp" integration TaaS service.

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