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Amazon International Property Management

Amazon International Property Management

Our property management , real estate, security management , networking Jie rich professional knowledge and efficient team in Taiwan , by all sectors of the trust and praise.

We have a forward-thinking , attached great importance to customer relations, a view to becoming the market leader in property management ,

Professional , dedicated , responsible, positive and innovative team of professionals , to meet customer delivery of the mission mandate .

We deeply appreciate the cognitive , global corporate responsibility is a prerequisite for the success of the enterprise , but also a trusted brand indispensable element , uphold the conviction , adherence to the law , pay attention to employee , listening to customer needs , complete the core principle of the group is the most important value factor , both in the field of development of property management , international property attached great importance to the value of Amazon humanities , education and training and to enrich the spirit of unity and cooperation to achieve the highest professional customer service .

Headquartered in Taipei International Financial Building, 101 nationwide to provide high-end property management services

TAIPEI 101 OFFICE TEL 886-2-87292917

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