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Systema Spetsnaz
Russian special forces training the old law "Systema (formerly Systema Spetsnaz, also translated martial arts systems)", as more and more countries in the related martial arts schools conduct classes, but also to thousands of years this has spread the mysterious re-training method and blown trend.

Originated in the 10th century "Systema" was invented by the ancient Russian soldiers used to enhance physical fitness and fighting ability of fighting, in addition to self-defense and fitness, but also to strengthen the power of mindfulness and coordination body. Soviet era, this ancient art almost lost, only to be inherited by a small number of military personnel in Moscow, including martial arts master Mikhail • Calabria Buco (Mikhail Ryabko) and his favorite pupil • Vladimir Vasiliev ( Vladimir Vasilief), after 90 years when the West started to teach.

In schools melee attacks compared with the main European and American general, more people believe the ancient Chinese Wushu and Taiji Russia "softness" is more similar to the purpose of the system founder Vladimir Vasiliev • describe, "This kind of martial arts the core is through controlled breathing to achieve relaxation through the body to eliminate fear, you can not only eliminate the harm, but also to eliminate offensive. "

This is not to attack for the purpose of martial arts the way, in addition to Europe and America, but also spread to mainland China, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and various Asian countries. Although unique attack, by a few purists believe does not apply to melee fighting race, but Responding to recent US by Brown and other events, some people think is appropriate for the promotion of police training, teaching them "non lethal martial arts "to help decrease tensions police civil conflict.

2015 Royal Rangers and preservation: "" Wolf "Aeroflot personal safety Combat Training Center in Taiwan Division" cooperation of the Ministry chief instructor: Huang Junda (Vincent) as the preservation of the company's technical adviser and executive training department instructors!

And the establishment of a Russian military combat training center in New Taipei City and region! Preservation of its members in full swing in Russia Wushu military training.
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